Have I mentioned my friend, local historian Rob Ketcherside? He is the vice president of the Capitol Hill Historical Society, author of Lost Seattle, and blogs about “New Seattle history, mostly,” at Ba-kground.com. I first made his acquaintance when I was a contributor to Crosscut.com and came across his article “Why light rail was predestined for Martin Luther King Jr. Way.”

One of his blog posts is on NW Brygger Place, which runs around 650 feet from 26th Avenue NW in the east to 28th Avenue NW in the west, just south of NW 60th Street and the Ballard Community Center and Playfield. Its namesake was Anna Sophia Brygger (1853–1940), an immigrant from Norway, who also named Brygger Drive W in Magnolia after herself. Do check it out, along with the rest of his posts.

Map of Brygger's 1st Home and 2nd Home Additions, Ballard, 1912 Baist Atlas
Map of Brygger’s 1st Home and 2nd Home Additions, Ballard, 1912 Baist’s Real Estate Atlas

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