This street, which runs about 850 feet from NE 63rd Street and 17th Avenue NE in the northwest to 20th Avenue NE in the southeast, was established in 1906 as part of the University Scenic Addition to the City of Seattle, platted by “Naomi A. Young and S.E. Young, her husband.”

Naomi Althouse Young, June 1928
Naomi Althouse Young, June 1928

Naomi Althouse Young and Samuel E. Young were from Albany, Oregon, where they and son Percy Althouse Young operated the S.E. Young & Son department store (see more about the building’s history). S.E. Young was also president of the First National and First Savings Banks. In 1940, Anna Althouse, niece of Naomi Young and cousin of Percy, reminisced about the early days of Albany, in which her family played a large part, though “now there are none left save myself and my cousin Percy Young of this city.”

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