Like Inverness Drive NE, this street was created in 1954 as part of the plat of Jay Roberts Country Club Estates. Again according to Wedgwood in Seattle History,

Roberts gave the names Inverness Drive and Paisley Drive to the development’s two major connecting roadways. These two names referred to places near Glasgow, Scotland, and were meant to convey the idea of castle-like estate properties on a high vantage point.

Street sign, NE 85th Street at Paisley Drive NE in Inverness
Street sign, NE 85th Street at Paisley Drive NE. Photograph courtesy of Wedgwood in Seattle History. Copyright © 2013 Wedgwood in Seattle History. All rights reserved.

Paisley Drive NE begins at NE 85th Street and goes ⅖ of a mile northwest to 45th Avenue NE.

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