Etruria Street is another one of those streets created in 1888 as part of Denny & Hoyt’s Addition to the City of Seattle, Washington Territory, part of a series — Aetna, Bertona, Cremona, Dravus, Etruria, and Florentia — that appear in alphabetical order and have the common theme of being locations in Italy. Etruria, the land of the ancient Etruscans, was located in what is now the regions of Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria, northwest of Rome.

Etruria Street begins in the east at the Ship Canal Trail and 3rd Avenue N, and goes just over ⅖ of a mile west to 3rd Avenue W. It resumes east of 8th Avenue W at a Seattle Pacific University parking lot and goes a further ¼ of a mile west to 10th Avenue W.


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